Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter life...

Autumn is certainly the worse season for me living in the smoke, the city becomes grey and depressing. Fact, the opposite of pandora planet which is hard to get psyched on plastic. I made several trips to the amazing Gritstone with only one successful climbing day whilst the others days were soaking wet. Each time I went, of course I relied on the BBC weather forecast the night before with a lot of hope trusting the weatherman. But each time I arrived at the Plantation car park or millstone, what the fuck was the weatherman thinking?!?! 
   On my success day, I was at Higgar Tor, some of my friends promised to meet me there but they were tossing about in the works climbing wall!? but I the end I did some classics, on sighted 'The Rasp Direct' (E4) flashed 'Bats out of Hell' (E5) and tried to on sight Linkline (E6) taking the 'safe' fall. god, Linkline was desperate, I would love to return to finish the amazing steep route!

                                   Ted going for the flash

This winter I even played a football match, I hadn't played since school and was always a sub, i just simply couldn't kick. My school friends were short of players for their league match near Luton, in the text it said "we're sooo short of players, yes we are actually calling for Andre Hedger's help" In the end we lost 5-1. I wonder why.

                                    Football? I would rather do pull ups..

I have cut down on the booze enormously this year and training hard to improve. I have mainly been bouldering for a change to try and improve my sport climbing which will improve my trad climbing. Lisanne still goes out once in a while and returns home hammered with her friends waking me up through the night and leaving the kitchen in a pigsty. 

My golfers elbow has been a bit rubbish this winter, it's not really effecting my climbing but irritating. But life goes on, and I just get on with it wearing a tennis elbow. I had a serious neck injury from bouldering (i fell in an awkward position on my neck) and had to go to hospital and everything via ambulance. I was depressed for days and couldn't move at all. I cried like a big baby, the first time in 8 years as I thought I was going to be paralysed for life. 

                        End of the world...

Few pictures from Winter 2011…….

 The Westway dry tooling comp
 The Westway dry tooling comp
 The file VS
 Bats out of hell
 The VERY cold boxing day swim with dad
 Westway competitions
I am trying to work out why Lisanne looks so happy? I think she hoped my climbing career could be over!!!

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  1. Er er er.... the pic of you exposing your butt was probably the most 'different' one... Please kindly remove it in order to safeguard our girlies' health. Thank you very much.
    And happy new year to you and Lisanne!
    P.S. Keep up with your climbing challenges and holidays. It keeps you alive and happy x